Top ten News websites To Look For in 2019

News websites is an online version of newspaper. Now a days most people use their smartphones to stay up to date, news website beneficial to these people. Online websites created more opportunities for online newspapers in a way that they can present breaking news to audience in a timely manner. The well-established Newspapers publishers now have their own news websites. Some of the top news websites are:

1.Google news

Google news is the most popular news site. Every month Google has about 150 million visitors. It is a news app and aggregator. It gives you the latest news about all categories. It provides you the option to read country specific news by selecting your country edition.

2.Yahoo News

Yahoo news is the second most popular news website after google. Yahoo also have its yahoo news app for both android and IOS devices. It covers latest news from all categories. Yahoo news provide new articles from other news resources like BBC news, ABC news and CNN news.

3.CNN News

One of a famous and recognized international news website is CNN (cable News network). It is an American news channel but CNN news website is also famous all around the world. International edition of CNN website provides you with world news. CNN website has U.S., Arabic, international and other country’s edition. On CNN website you can find all categories’ news article.

4.BBC News

BBC news (British Broadcasting Company) is one of the most prominent news all over the world. BBC news website is also popular, and is known by everyone. Its layout has quite appealing color combination which is liked by many people. BBC news has Alexa Rank of 105.

5.New York Times

New York times website is famous in the world for daily news. It is an American newspaper from New York city. New York time’s first newspaper was published in 1851. Time has changed and most people read news online so New York time’s website is beneficial for them. Its layout is unique compare to other’s layout because it looks like a traditional newspaper.

6.The Guardian

The guardian is a British newspaper company and so it is well known in UK and US. This news website has country-specific edition of the following (US edition.UK edition, and Australia edition). The guardian has Alexa Rank of 187

7.Mail Online (daily mail)

Daily mail is a newspaper published in London in tabloid format. Its news website name is mail online and its website is With mail online website you get latest updates. Its Alexa Rank is 154.

8.The Washington Post

The major American daily newspaper is ‘The Washington post’, which was published in Washington D.C., because of its popularity its news website is also most famous around the world.

9.Huffington Post

In 2005 it was founded by Arianna Huffington, Jonah Peretti, Andrew Breitcar and Kenneth lerer. Huffington post is well known and famous for its news blog all around the world. It is also known as Huff post. Its news articles covers almost every section such as technology, business, politics, lifeStyle and local news and many more.

10.Fox News

Fox news is created on United states news channel owned by ‘Fox entertainment group’. As other news website have sections, fox news also covers all news sections. It’s Alexa Rank 251.