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How TikTok is boosting artists?

Supa Dupa Humble, a little-known rapper, released a song “Steppin” to a muted response in the year 2017. He then went on to other projects, but after some time, he observed an increase in the view count of the song on YouTube. When he read the comments, one word caught his attention that was almost in every comment. “Who came here from TikTok?” “TikTok brought me here.” “Greetings from TikTok but this song is fire.” “I’m like, What is TikTok?” The 27 year old rapper did some research that led him to the app called TikTok. He instantly downloaded it and begun exploring. The app enable its users to create and share short video clips of themselves lips synced to the music in the background. Using this app, people make makeup tutorials, perform synchronized dances, and do humorous skits. The rapper found people making TikTok videos to the initial 15 seconds of his song. His visits to the app increased the number of videos. His music became the soundtrack of a meme that went viral. Also, since the users of TikTok searched for the song, his views on different streaming platforms such as Spotify also showed an upsurge. The rapper says, “I was so hype. It was unbelievable.”

TikTop app is the recent breakout platform where people can make such videos after Vine. Vine shut down in the early 2017. ByteDance, a Chinese media company worth $75 billion, bought the old version of TikTok in November 2017. The company had an intention to fold its users that are 60 million in number and users can Buy Tiktok Followers, in Europe and US into its own video app called TikTok. The app reached the height of fame in the year 2018. It mainly attracted the teenagers who loved to make such videos. Also, the popular videos started reaching other social platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. Though some users see the app as another distraction, it did boost artists like Supa Dupa Humble.

Mary Rahmani, TikTok’s director of music content and artist relations, said in an email, “TikTok empowers artists by being an avenue for visual output and creativity. We offer a platform that is creative, collaborative, global and unique.”

Where this app became a boosting source for the artists, it also came as a fraught moment for the music industry. This is because the streaming revenue was greater than the physical sales. However, the overall revenue remains soft, largely due to the online availability of the music.

With the growth of ByteDance and being known as the most valuable business of the world, TikTok has viewed itself being the center of attention. However, the app also suffered many allegations regarding how it handles the users’ information and the allowance of some content on the platform. The app has also become a way of boosting and giving encouragement to the artists with ways they might have not expected.