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How TikTok is Getting Famous all over the Internet

If you haven’t jumped onto the TikTok wagon and are very confused as to what it is and why it has suddenly gained a lot of fame out the blue, then don’t sweat we’re here to help you out as it is never too late to catch the fleeing TikTok wagon!

What is TikTok?

TikTok is a short video making application which was developed in China by ‘ByteDance’ in 2016. In China, the app is more commonly known as ‘Douyin’ and after it took possession of its one competitive rival ‘’ in 2017 after which it was more commonly known as ‘TikTok’ in 2018 and has since continuously grown tremendously in a very short period of time and acquired a large number of users. People from all around the world thoroughly enjoy using the app because of its unique and innovative concept of allowing its users to make short videos which can last from up till 15 to 60 seconds in which its users lip-sync to music in the background or perform certain enactments with their creative skills while music is being played along with it.

Why and how has TikTok dominated the Internet?

If you spend a portion or majority of your time scrolling on different social media platforms on the Internet then you surely must have come across one TikTok video at the very least; may it be Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or even YouTube as various compilations of various TikTok videos exist on YouTube. The well-known application has surpassed all of the famous social media platforms because of the large number of users and audience it has on its platform.

Because of its large number of users and viewers getting fame through TikTok has gotten easier. Posting content that the audience thoroughly enjoys may be difficult and may require a lot of practice but it comes along with various incentives! Now an individual does not have to run after a particular thing to get famous and be well-known among people all you need is to make creative and laughable content which will get tons of views and voila you’ll be famous in no time!

To add to that, TikTok is also a platform that provides an opportunity to
Buy Tiktok Fans for its users to show to the world how talented they are and what abilities they possess from dancing to acting to creating comedy sketches and so much more! Moreover, users create new memes, challenges and trends that others willingly watch and get a good laugh out of! Some users have also creatively turned it into a business opportunity and earn on the platform as well! They either create and sell out their own merchandise or work with other brands to promote their products and services.

Some see TikTok as a cringe factory where people set themselves up for humiliation; whereas, some see TikTok as a good way to spend some relaxing time and get a good laugh out of the goofiness on the app! None the less, if TikTok has its positive side it also has its negative side including bullying, being made fun of including various others that go down the road of the darker and scarier side!

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How TikTok is boosting artists?

Supa Dupa Humble, a little-known rapper, released a song “Steppin” to a muted response in the year 2017. He then went on to other projects, but after some time, he observed an increase in the view count of the song on YouTube. When he read the comments, one word caught his attention that was almost in every comment. “Who came here from TikTok?” “TikTok brought me here.” “Greetings from TikTok but this song is fire.” “I’m like, What is TikTok?” The 27 year old rapper did some research that led him to the app called TikTok. He instantly downloaded it and begun exploring. The app enable its users to create and share short video clips of themselves lips synced to the music in the background. Using this app, people make makeup tutorials, perform synchronized dances, and do humorous skits. The rapper found people making TikTok videos to the initial 15 seconds of his song. His visits to the app increased the number of videos. His music became the soundtrack of a meme that went viral. Also, since the users of TikTok searched for the song, his views on different streaming platforms such as Spotify also showed an upsurge. The rapper says, “I was so hype. It was unbelievable.”

TikTop app is the recent breakout platform where people can make such videos after Vine. Vine shut down in the early 2017. ByteDance, a Chinese media company worth $75 billion, bought the old version of TikTok in November 2017. The company had an intention to fold its users that are 60 million in number and users can Buy Tiktok Followers, in Europe and US into its own video app called TikTok. The app reached the height of fame in the year 2018. It mainly attracted the teenagers who loved to make such videos. Also, the popular videos started reaching other social platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. Though some users see the app as another distraction, it did boost artists like Supa Dupa Humble.

Mary Rahmani, TikTok’s director of music content and artist relations, said in an email, “TikTok empowers artists by being an avenue for visual output and creativity. We offer a platform that is creative, collaborative, global and unique.”

Where this app became a boosting source for the artists, it also came as a fraught moment for the music industry. This is because the streaming revenue was greater than the physical sales. However, the overall revenue remains soft, largely due to the online availability of the music.

With the growth of ByteDance and being known as the most valuable business of the world, TikTok has viewed itself being the center of attention. However, the app also suffered many allegations regarding how it handles the users’ information and the allowance of some content on the platform. The app has also become a way of boosting and giving encouragement to the artists with ways they might have not expected.

Best Places to Visit In Laayoune

Laayoune which is also known as El-Aiun is an exciting city on the Western Sahara. The population of the city may not be too much, but the tourists make it look busy. The Sahara is a well-known place and in the heart of Sahara across the Western Sahara is the disputed city of El-Aiun. It doesn’t matter if it is a disputed state or not; it is still the best place for tourism. There are so many places which you should visit here in El-Aiun when you are on a trip to Morocco. Here are a few places which you should not miss if you are there.

  1. The Laayoune Grand Mosque

In the Boulevard Mekka, you will find one of the most beautiful buildings i.e. the Grand Mosque. If you want to see some of the best engineering’s works in Morocco, make sure that you visit the Grand Mosque. It is also known as Mosquée Moulay Abdel Aziz. The mosque is in the center of the city. It is an excellent place. The surroundings are beautiful, and the building itself is just brilliant.

It is one of the biggest mosques in Morocco. Visit the mosque if you want to see the modern Moroccan architecture. It will give you a hint about the latest Moroccan building art.

  1. Go around and discover Saguia el-Hamra

The city never stops to impress. The Saguia el-Hamra which is a Wadi in the north corner of the city is a very exciting place. If you want to explore the sandy areas with water, this is the best place. It is a lake area, and you will love exploring the surroundings. You will find palm trees, date trees, and a lot of animals and birds too. You will love to see the flamingos. It is a whole new experience in the wild. So, make sure that you discover as much about Saguia el-Hamra as possible.

  1. The Spanish Cathedral

Another religious place which you should visit while you are in the city is the Spanish Cathedral. It is also known as St. Francis of Assisi. The cathedral has a very long history. It was built in the year 1954 by the Spanish when they were ruling the place. It is why El-Aiun is an interesting place. When you read about the history, you will find that there have been many regimes here.

The cathedral has a mixture of architectures. You will see it has the Spanish touch and also the Saharan architecture. Also, you will notice that the cathedral resembles the pink color of the city. Whenever you are here, make sure that you visit this place.

  1. Place El-Mchawar

Another great attraction of this great city is the Place El-Mchawar. It is a large public area. It is a public square which has many towers and shades. You will love being there. It is a great place where you can be with your friends or family. It is a good place to visit in the evening when the temperature is not too hot.


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Three Robbers And Social Media For Their Apprehension

Imagine your life without Social Media for a second. Many of you may think that there is no life without the internet and Social Media. Some will say that they can live without using the Social Media. Well, jokes apart there is no doubt that the Social Media can play a vital role in our lives. In fact, it is playing a significant role in every sphere of life already. Whether it is someone’s personal or professional life, Social Media is doing wonders. Let’s read a similar story in which Social Media saved a family from the robbery.

When the robbers broke into a house:

We have discussed many times that the Social Media can play a pivotal role in people’s lives. But it depends on how you are using the Social Media. If you use it to bully or harm someone, then there is no point in being on Social Media. But if you use it correctly then you can help many people who are in real need of help. You can estimate the importance of Social Media by knowing that the companies Buy Real Instagram Followers etc.

Many people believe that the teenagers should not use Social Media at all. But the story we are going to discuss here proves that there is no harm in using Social Media by teenagers if they are using it positively.

A twenty years old boy names Nitesh Bhakta one night in the year 2011 was sitting in his bedroom. Hid grandmother and 17 years old sister were also present in the home that time. Nitesh was using his laptop when three robbers broke into his house.

Robbers, no phone what to do?

When the robbers broke into Nitesh’s house, they tied up his grandmother and sister. They started searching the house and stealing things. Nitesh heard a bit noise; he opened the door to check what it is. He saw three men wearing masks. He rushed towards the attic with the laptop. Nitesh hid there, but he did not have a phone to call the police. Then he thought of using Social Media to get help. He posted the status on Facebook and wrote Robbers, Help, No phone.

Did Nitesh get help?   

When his contacts on Facebook saw the post most of them thought he is joking. But it was his best friend who took his status seriously. John Salter (Nitesh’s friend) called the police and informed them about the matter. When the robbers heard police sirens, they ran away. One of the thieves was caught on the same evening, and later the remaining were also seized.

Nitesh’s family was saved due to his Facebook status. They were happy that the police arrived before something serious happening. The story we have discussed above shows that we can get many benefits from the Social Media if we use it right. The Businesses Buy Instagram Followers and YouTube subscribers to ensure their success in the industry.