Brand storytelling on social media is common in 2017

Brand storytelling plays a vital role in marketing campaign’s success and awareness. If brand storytelling is portrayed in the right way it is able to bring life and emotions to your brand and thus can evoke the emotional response of the customers. Brand storytelling allows the brands to create personal connections with the audience achieving a loyal following. And we all know that loyal following always generate the highest profits for the brand.

Social media has come up with a new platform for brands to use it for brand storytelling; therefore the marketers now shall be able to navigate. There are many different ways on social media through which brands explain storytelling. Creativity and passion are two things that are most necessary for storytelling.

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The first step in achieving an expressive brand storytelling is to listen and then to respond. Many brands are using social media to shout out the story related to products and services they offer. But the main problem begins with the rise in competition as your brand might not be the only brand using the same platform for their storytelling. Users really want to hear the story that shall allow them to connect with your brand so your storytelling must come up with a more meaningful content.

However, interaction with online brands is changing, with this come up a challenge of selling a lifestyle along with the product. So understanding the kind of experience you are creating for the customers is very important.

Experience sharing and storytelling allow the customers to relate to your brand by watching how the product is being used, for example, this allows the customers to imagine their own lives with that product, so this means brands need to listen more to their customers to create an experience of their choice. Thus social media can be used as a platform for creating and selling a relatable storytelling reaching to the right audience.

This means only if you are able to know your audience only then you shall be able to come up with the stories your customers like to hear. The best audience is possible if marketers buy instagram followers starting from $5 only

There are few steps that however if taken into account can be helpful in creating a more resonating brand storytelling.

  • Providing a long story in a post along with a picture can be very helpful
  • Sharing a photo album instead of sharing a single picture helps in sharing a story, it also makes it easier for the customers to understand.
  • Providing advertisements in a sequenced manner are known to be very effective. A powerful content and a call to action at the end of advertisement can make It more effective.
  • Another easy way is to create a video. This allows a customer to understand the story more easily.
  • Live videos are ranked higher on notifications, so creating a brand storytelling via live video helps to gain more exposure and following.
  • Captions are another way to gain the attention of the followers both on Facebook and Instagram. Uploading high-quality pictures are very effective but adding a caption based on strategic planning will help to transform a simple message into a story.