Key Turning Points In The History Of YouTube

YouTube is prevalent online video site since users watch 4 billions of hour video and upload 72 hours videos worth watching videos every time it is the second largest search engine after Google and Facebook.

Since it was launched in 2005,

YouTube has grown from amateur to distribute original content site.

It played an essential role in the life of Justin Bieber, and Korean star PSY help them to boost their career.

YouTube launched its beta site in May 2005

Wow. How much the homepage of YouTube has developed since its very first one in 2005 is incredible.

YouTube received its first one million-hit video in September 2005

The first video was Nike Ad, where the footballer Ronaldinho is getting is golden boots from Nike. Nike played a vital role to embrace YouTube promotional potential.

YouTube introduced its Partner Program in May 2007 to allow individuals to be compensated for their viral content

That was the first time YouTube provides an opportunity for the user to convert their hobbies into business and earn money. According to the New York Times after one year later, the most successful users were generating income money in six figures from YouTube.

As an example, Michael Buckley was able to quit his job after his show got hit called What The Buck Show, he realizes he is making more money than is monthly salary.

YouTube joined forces with CNN in July 2007 to host the presidential debate for the 2008 election cycle

When elections campaign started out of  16 presidential candidates, 7 announce their campaign via YouTube. In July YouTube and CNN  host, the first presidential debate allows the audience to ask a question through video.

Usher introduced Justin Bieber to the world in April 2009 via a video on YouTube

Justin Bieber baby song is one of the most viewed videos people viewed it more than 820 million times on YouTube. Usher also break the news, Bieber signs the contract with  Island Def Jam records. YouTube won the Peabody award for best electronic media.

YouTube began to do it live in April 2011

YouTube official decided to enter the broadcast business to allow users YouTube live feature user can stream any live event such as weddings, Olympics, and concerts as well.

YouTube starts renting movies in January 2010

Youtube offers users to rent movie they upload few movies in start after getting an increase to rent movies they decided to use movies company Paramount, Sony, and Warner Brothers.

Gangnam Style reached 1 billion views in December 2012 in a little over five months.

PSY Gangnam Style still numbers video on YouTube with 1.3 billion YouTube views.

2012 was a good year for YouTube stats shows people watched 4.3 billions of video content every month.


Who was the founder of YouTube?

Three ex-employer of PayPal called Jawed Karim, Chad Harley, and Steve Chan.

When did YouTube become popular?

In 2005 co-founder Jawed Karim uploaded the first video with the title called Me at the zoo.

What age is YouTube for?

You need to 18 years old but if you are 13 can sign up with your parent permission

What is a net worth of River Viper Biography

River Delfín Canomanuel Viiperi was born to Riitta Viiperi and Rafael Canomanuel on 4th of August 1991 in Ibiza, Spain. Though he is Spanish by nationality and so is his father but by blood he is also half finnish, since his Mother is from Finnland. In his early age he lived in both Spain and Finnland and had to travel often because of his famiy in both the countries. His father is a Spanish broker and his mother is a finnish model. River also has an elder sister named Luna who according to some sources is a public figure as well.

Start of his career

Since his mother was a model, River and his sister would do occasional baby modeling as kids. River always hated school but he still finished his high school because his parents wanted him to but after he turned 18 he had no intention of continuing his studies further on and his mother introduced him to modeling. River’s career took off really quickly and before he knew he was pretty famous and started working with many international brands.

Professional Work

In 2009 River got his way into the winter issue of the magazine “Citizen K” and along with that he signed with some major models in Paris.

The year 2010 was probably the most promising year for his early career as he opened a show for Calvin Klein in New York, as well as walked the shows for CK and Dolce & Gabbana in Milan. He was hired from Soul Artist Management and was on the cover of brands such as Surface and Attitude. He also became a very important figure for American Eagle in the same year.

In 2011he walked the shows for Dsquared2(his favorite) along with brands such as John Galliano, D&G, Thierry Mugler, Jeremy Scott and Calvin Klein in Paris, Milan and New York and if this wasn’t enough he also signed with CK one and became the face of Tommy Hilfiger and GQ Style Russia.

In 2012 he worked his way to an ad campaign for Ralph Lauren and appeared in editorials for Vogue Espana, Neo 2, L’Officiel Hommes Korea, Spanish V Magazine, The Lab Magazine, Client Magazine, Interview Magazine, Metal Magazine, DSECTION Magazine, Essential Homme and ODDA Magazine. He walked for Marlon Gobel, Portrait, Parke & Ronen, Jeremy Scott, Frankie Morello, Ermanno Scervino, Corneliani, Native Son, Dolce & Gabbana, Hackett, and Versace.

In 2013 he appeared in an editorial for August Man Malaysia and walked for Mango

Some of River’s recent work includes walks for Ralph Lauren, Jeremy Scott, Versace, and Dsquared2, he was also the face of ODDA Magazine and appeared in editorials for Out Magazine and L’Officiel Hommes Singapore and did an ad campaign for Versace.

River Viiperi Net Worth

Net Worth is the amount of wealth in the form of Cash just like meika woollard, Real Estate, Vehicles or any other thing of significance one posses minus any kind of debts or liabilities.

It is estimated that as of 2019 River’s Net Worth is somewhat above $1.5 million. His annual salary is evaluated to be around $600,000 which makes his monthly income to be around $50,000.

Chinese Social Media
Chinese Social Media

An Essential Overview of the Chinese Social Media Landscape in 2019

China is one of the world’s largest market for social media with its 800 million online users, stretching their internet landscapes to enormous heights. China has been able to introduce various sites such as “TikTok” and more.

If you are looking for platforms for business in 2019, read on.

  1. WeChat: founded by Tencent, this application engages over 1.06 billion users every month. It contains diverse features form games to financial services which can compete with Facebook, Amazon and even Whatsapp and provide you with effective customer engagement. The application even offers discounts and making its way into eCommerce. With the number of users and its increasing global recognition, WeChat is bound to grow.
  2. Tencent QQ: the messaging application has over 803.2 million users and even offers other services such as entertainment and blogging. Its marketing strategies include advertisements and links to be published and even paying Tencent to create publishing content. Potentially a great global platform.
  3. Douyin (TikTok): this has already taken the world by a storm with 500 million users. This creates catchy and trending lip-syncing videos which are then shared on profiles of the users for the public to view and appreciate the creativity. If your business concerns a younger audience, this is the way to go.
  4. Meitu: it has over 455 million users who edit their photos and upload them monthly despite how it promotes unmatchable beauty standards. However, since the applications announce of focusing on the social features after the criticism, amount of users have increased. Brands focusing on cosmetics and beauty products need to consider Meitu.
  5. Sina Weibo: it has 446 million bloggers users who post GIFs, visual content making it a source of trending content. It has, however, seen a downfall in users recently, brands actively use the site for promotional purposes and feature celebrities as well. The app is a source of consumer reviews for your brands.
  6. Meituan-Dianping: this has 382.3 million users who just like food panda, review a restaurant and utilize its additional offers of Uber Eats to even order food. This has risen to be one of the most used local food, gyms, hotels, and bars reviews before actually visiting the places.
  7. Douban: a site of over 300 million community members who share entertainment content such as movies and books. It is a combination of IMDB, Goodreads, Spotify etc. this is an important app to consider when your brand is based upon consumer reviews.
  8. Zhihu: currently has over 160 million dedicated users and is a question and answer platform. It even allows the users to pay the people who answer questions asked, making it more interesting. It even supports the feature of advertisements for your brands to find potential customers.
  9. Xiaohongshu: this has multiple functions serving over 100 million users. This mainly focuses on uploading content of any sort, getting involved in discussions and even reviewing products. Mainly designed for women, who require in-depth information and reviews of specific products, this as well features the eCommerce option.

A great many platforms to look forward to in 2019 for your efficient business schemes in China’s internet landscape.

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Gracy is a social media community manager at . She is expert in managing multiple communication portals of key accounts. Moreover she has been into social media marketing since 15th February 2009. Do read her articles on her website and do not forget to give your feedback on this one too.


Top ten News websites To Look For in 2019

News websites is an online version of newspaper. Now a days most people use their smartphones to stay up to date, news website beneficial to these people. Online websites created more opportunities for online newspapers in a way that they can present breaking news to audience in a timely manner. The well-established Newspapers publishers now have their own news websites. Some of the top news websites are:

1.Google news

Google news is the most popular news site. Every month Google has about 150 million visitors. It is a news app and aggregator. It gives you the latest news about all categories. It provides you the option to read country specific news by selecting your country edition.

2.Yahoo News

Yahoo news is the second most popular news website after google. Yahoo also have its yahoo news app for both android and IOS devices. It covers latest news from all categories. Yahoo news provide new articles from other news resources like BBC news, ABC news and CNN news.

3.CNN News

One of a famous and recognized international news website is CNN (cable News network). It is an American news channel but CNN news website is also famous all around the world. International edition of CNN website provides you with world news. CNN website has U.S., Arabic, international and other country’s edition. On CNN website you can find all categories’ news article.

4.BBC News

BBC news (British Broadcasting Company) is one of the most prominent news all over the world. BBC news website is also popular, and is known by everyone. Its layout has quite appealing color combination which is liked by many people. BBC news has Alexa Rank of 105.

5.New York Times

New York times website is famous in the world for daily news. It is an American newspaper from New York city. New York time’s first newspaper was published in 1851. Time has changed and most people read news online so New York time’s website is beneficial for them. Its layout is unique compare to other’s layout because it looks like a traditional newspaper.

6.The Guardian

The guardian is a British newspaper company and so it is well known in UK and US. This news website has country-specific edition of the following (US edition.UK edition, and Australia edition). The guardian has Alexa Rank of 187

7.Mail Online (daily mail)

Daily mail is a newspaper published in London in tabloid format. Its news website name is mail online and its website is With mail online website you get latest updates. Its Alexa Rank is 154.

8.The Washington Post

The major American daily newspaper is ‘The Washington post’, which was published in Washington D.C., because of its popularity its news website is also most famous around the world.

9.Huffington Post

In 2005 it was founded by Arianna Huffington, Jonah Peretti, Andrew Breitcar and Kenneth lerer. Huffington post is well known and famous for its news blog all around the world. It is also known as Huff post. Its news articles covers almost every section such as technology, business, politics, lifeStyle and local news and many more.

10.Fox News

Fox news is created on United states news channel owned by ‘Fox entertainment group’. As other news website have sections, fox news also covers all news sections. It’s Alexa Rank 251.




Fellowship Program for International Fellows in USA: POSCO Visiting Fellowship 2019-2020

The outstanding scholars and policy makers are invited by the East West Center to apply for the fellowship program to promote research activities relevant to the Korean topics at the Center. The grant is available for four to six fellows under the POSCO Visiting Fellowship, funded by POSCO, in an attempt to promote the research on Korean topics.

The East West Center aims to promote relations and understanding between diverse communities and different nations from US to Asia and Pacific with the help of study, research and dialogue.

Details of scholarship

  • Last date for application: 31st December 2018
  • Level of study: Fellowship is awarded for the purpose of research and writing on the given topic.
  • Subject of interest: The fellows will spend one to two months to observe and study policy related activities on contemporary issues in Korean studies. The purpose of POSCO Fellowship Program is to generate constructive information through research regarding various areas that include issues related to the two Koreas and Northeast Asia; Security troubles relating to Korea and Northeast Asia; issues related to economy and sociology in Korea; political development for South Korea in particular.
  • Award for scholarship: The scholarship comes with a stipend and a round trip economy airfare between the home country and Honolulu. The individuals have to conduct one seminar and must write a high quality paper which will be submitted for publication. Also, you will be joining various activities in East West Center and might be asked to participate in local outreach and public diplomacy. Moreover, the cost shared fellowship proposals are also welcomed.
  • Number of awards: Current fellowship is initially for four to six fellows
  • Who can apply: International applicants
  • Where to take the scholarship: USA

Who can apply?

International students that are looking for fellowships can apply and avail the opportunity. One should demonstrate the abilities of outstanding scholar or policy maker as the research mainly targets policy relevant topics, political and contemporary research, dealing with economic and social issues, and working with Korean countries as well as Northeast Asia. Also, a proficiency in English is desired.

Process of application

You should submit your applications for the fellowship program by 31st December 2018 as the fellowship period will be from 1st March 2019 to 28th February 2020.

As you apply, include a cover letter with a research theme or project for which you are applying. Add a CV along with your cover letter. It is advised that one should avoid writing the date of birth, social security numbers, and passport number because the CV is likely to be circulated among the EWC employees. Include the names of three referees and add details including your full name, title, address, email and telephone number, and fax number.

Along with the above, a research proposal of 3 to 5 pages is required where you list the issue or issues to be observed in the investigation. Enlist how you will be doing the research and how the research outcome relates to the ongoing work in the EWC.

Provide an explanation of how it exactly helps in regional advancement and cooperation. Clearly state the duration of fellowship, expected time, and anticipated publication product.

In case that you are going with the cost-shared fellowship, state the costs that you will be able to cover.

A scholarship by Recent Scholarships Do not forget to share with friends & students on facebook, instagram and twitter.

social media

How to increase ROI through social media

Social media assists in providing the marketers having an insight into demographics as well as the psychographic data of the audience. It also helps in serving as a focus group on topics that could be relevant to almost anything. This data provided by the social media to marketers help in growing the analytical models and also in making predictions about the outcome of the business.

Once you know that social media has a really great impact on your customer’s life. You have got a golden chance to market your product or brand through social media and get high returns.

There are some of the ways in which you as a social media marketer must follow to have a great ROI for the brand you are promoting.

1- Always Measure.

You always need to use quantitative approach when you are using social media channels for marketing. Most of the companies now a day are using social media marketing but not all of them are getting high ROI, the basic reason behind this is that they are not having the proper measured records of their measures. So be focused and don’t forget to measure your performance.

2- Know about your target audience

When you are marketing through social media platforms, you need to have the complete knowledge about your target audience, about their demographics and psychographics so that you could market your product in a way which your audience finds appealing and attracting. You need to understand the type of devices which your audience uses so that you are better able to provide them contents which they are able to view on each type of device.

3- Resonation of content with audience targeted.

Normally brands face the issue of low engagement. People are not interested in the content they’ve shared or not like the way they are marketing. So to make sure about the resonation of the content with an audience that you’ve targeted is to have a complete understanding of your audience’s choices and the types of content they like to be engaged in with. So that you could offer them the content of their type and in this way, you could reach the right audience for your brand. For brand awareness, you can get more followers over here.

4- Post Frequently.

When you really want to engage the audience with your brand you need to make posts frequently. Brands that don’t posts frequently are the ones that have the least engagement of audience as the people get bored when they are not able to find new content or stuff. To engage the audience you need to post multiple times a day. There are companies who are following all the tools and tactics required for social marketing but are unable to get the engagement of audience because of the less frequent posting. You can also download instagram videos on viral and engaging content from different profiles.

These are some of the tools to get a large number of audiences against to your brand through social media and also help in attaining a great ROI. All you need to do is to follow these steps and be quantitative while marketing.

Best Places to Visit In Laayoune

Laayoune which is also known as El-Aiun is an exciting city on the Western Sahara. The population of the city may not be too much, but the tourists make it look busy. The Sahara is a well-known place and in the heart of Sahara across the Western Sahara is the disputed city of El-Aiun. It doesn’t matter if it is a disputed state or not; it is still the best place for tourism. There are so many places which you should visit here in El-Aiun when you are on a trip to Morocco. Here are a few places which you should not miss if you are there.

  1. The Laayoune Grand Mosque

In the Boulevard Mekka, you will find one of the most beautiful buildings i.e. the Grand Mosque. If you want to see some of the best engineering’s works in Morocco, make sure that you visit the Grand Mosque. It is also known as Mosquée Moulay Abdel Aziz. The mosque is in the center of the city. It is an excellent place. The surroundings are beautiful, and the building itself is just brilliant.

It is one of the biggest mosques in Morocco. Visit the mosque if you want to see the modern Moroccan architecture. It will give you a hint about the latest Moroccan building art.

  1. Go around and discover Saguia el-Hamra

The city never stops to impress. The Saguia el-Hamra which is a Wadi in the north corner of the city is a very exciting place. If you want to explore the sandy areas with water, this is the best place. It is a lake area, and you will love exploring the surroundings. You will find palm trees, date trees, and a lot of animals and birds too. You will love to see the flamingos. It is a whole new experience in the wild. So, make sure that you discover as much about Saguia el-Hamra as possible.

  1. The Spanish Cathedral

Another religious place which you should visit while you are in the city is the Spanish Cathedral. It is also known as St. Francis of Assisi. The cathedral has a very long history. It was built in the year 1954 by the Spanish when they were ruling the place. It is why El-Aiun is an interesting place. When you read about the history, you will find that there have been many regimes here.

The cathedral has a mixture of architectures. You will see it has the Spanish touch and also the Saharan architecture. Also, you will notice that the cathedral resembles the pink color of the city. Whenever you are here, make sure that you visit this place.

  1. Place El-Mchawar

Another great attraction of this great city is the Place El-Mchawar. It is a large public area. It is a public square which has many towers and shades. You will love being there. It is a great place where you can be with your friends or family. It is a good place to visit in the evening when the temperature is not too hot.


Strategy of Tai to make millions from social media

Looking for ways to become a successful entrepreneur than one must have heard the name Tai Lopez. Tai Lopez is one of the emerging investor, a partner and an advisor who has been able to gain success in very less time. He is related to businesses worth 20 multi-million dollars. He is a passionate entrepreneur who has attributed most of his success to his use of social media.

Lopez has been able to gain social media fame in very less time, now he is one of the best influencers of social media which has made him gain success in his entrepreneurial circle. He has given some advice to other entrepreneurs in his interviews; some of his important viewpoints are explained in this article that will help you to know the strategy of Tai to make millions from social media

Time inventory;

According to Lopez before just starting to become a social media influencer it is important to know the authentic interests that you have. Take out some time and write those interests down, do this when you are not working to make some money, just find out the things that you enjoy doing the most or the topics that you like reading or sharing the most.  You will see that in just short time you shall be able to find the most authentic interest of yours.

Choose the highly targeted niche of yours

Lopez says that one shall not try to become all things to everyone, you can only run a business success that is in the authentic interests of yours.

Like if you like food then start working to for a restaurant, or start learning how to cook.

The defined expectations;

If you wish to make money on social media than make sure that beforehand you have at least five to ten thousand followers on social media applications. But make sure that you are targeting the right followers, like for example if your niche is your love for food than make sure your follower also shares the same love for food.

Attract the targeted niche;

Lopez says that the content you are working on must be common in likes of your followers as well; followers, in this case, are the targeted audience. The young millennial is fond of flashy so thats why he consider buy twitter followers cheap the best option. Fast paced content on social media, but older audiences prefer to have content focused on culture, news, art etc., also for the older audience make the content easy as they prefer the ease of use.

Keeping the audience engaged

The one best way according to Lopez to keep the audience engaged is to share the most thrilling, authentic and adventurous part or times of your life with your followers either through vlogging or through picture sharing; you can simply do this using your iPhone.

Snapchat is the best platform to share such videos and pictures with your followers. Too much repetition of same things on any of your social media site especially snap chat will make your followers get bored of you, so try to bring new things to their knowledge or sight.




Is It Worth With Hashtags On Instagram?

Instagram can be tremendously successful, but you need to be smart in the way you utilize it.

Hashtags help you handle and search for appropriate articles on Instagram. A new Instagram study demonstrated that incorporating a minimum of one hashtag to every one your Instagram articles will, normally, generate over 12 percent more involvement.

One of the wonderful things about hashtags is the capacity to get to a vast assortment of people which might have nothing to do with your accounts and do not especially follow you on Instagram.

How Can Instagram Hashtags Function?

Let us say a consumer search for your word ‘gardening’. Instagram will reveal all of the most recent articles that have the ‘gardening’ keyword. By employing #gard. Ending as a hashtag in your articles, you’re telling Instagram to put forward your article every time somebody lookups this term.

Hashtag all your articles with keywords that are related. Use terms and phrases you believe Instagram consumers will be looking for.

You are going to need to carefully pick out the very best and most well-known hashtags to achieve to the ideal market for your industry. They ought to be right to the keywords searched by your intended audience, and you will have to keep your eye on which ones perform best for you personally.

It takes time to come up with the very best hashtags to utilize. Some plans include:

  • Have a look at the hashtags your opponents use on a regular basis to advertise their small business.
  • Evaluation various hashtags and assess your results.
  • Utilize a program for hashtag thoughts (such as TagOMatic).
  • Taking Advantage Of Trending Hashtags

Once an event happens, a hashtag is frequently generated. If you may connect your article to the hashtag, you are more inclined to get noticed by people that are after that particular news item.

The secret is to watch for if a particular hashtag seems to be hot, and article content with that hashtag to make the most of the high number of audiences the hashtag is getting.

From the Instagram search engine, then start looking for different hashtags which are similar to a webpage. Take advantage of these hashtags if you post fresh content. This is just another method of reaching out to Instagram consumers which are still on the website but do not follow you so wouldn’t have seen your articles differently.


Brand storytelling on social media is common in 2017

Brand storytelling plays a vital role in marketing campaign’s success and awareness. If brand storytelling is portrayed in the right way it is able to bring life and emotions to your brand and thus can evoke the emotional response of the customers. Brand storytelling allows the brands to create personal connections with the audience achieving a loyal following. And we all know that loyal following always generate the highest profits for the brand.

Social media has come up with a new platform for brands to use it for brand storytelling; therefore the marketers now shall be able to navigate. There are many different ways on social media through which brands explain storytelling. Creativity and passion are two things that are most necessary for storytelling.

buy instagram likes

The first step in achieving an expressive brand storytelling is to listen and then to respond. Many brands are using social media to shout out the story related to products and services they offer. But the main problem begins with the rise in competition as your brand might not be the only brand using the same platform for their storytelling. Users really want to hear the story that shall allow them to connect with your brand so your storytelling must come up with a more meaningful content.

However, interaction with online brands is changing, with this come up a challenge of selling a lifestyle along with the product. So understanding the kind of experience you are creating for the customers is very important.

Experience sharing and storytelling allow the customers to relate to your brand by watching how the product is being used, for example, this allows the customers to imagine their own lives with that product, so this means brands need to listen more to their customers to create an experience of their choice. Thus social media can be used as a platform for creating and selling a relatable storytelling reaching to the right audience.

This means only if you are able to know your audience only then you shall be able to come up with the stories your customers like to hear. The best audience is possible if marketers buy instagram followers starting from $5 only

There are few steps that however if taken into account can be helpful in creating a more resonating brand storytelling.

  • Providing a long story in a post along with a picture can be very helpful
  • Sharing a photo album instead of sharing a single picture helps in sharing a story, it also makes it easier for the customers to understand.
  • Providing advertisements in a sequenced manner are known to be very effective. A powerful content and a call to action at the end of advertisement can make It more effective.
  • Another easy way is to create a video. This allows a customer to understand the story more easily.
  • Live videos are ranked higher on notifications, so creating a brand storytelling via live video helps to gain more exposure and following.
  • Captions are another way to gain the attention of the followers both on Facebook and Instagram. Uploading high-quality pictures are very effective but adding a caption based on strategic planning will help to transform a simple message into a story.