Chinese Social Media
Chinese Social Media

An Essential Overview of the Chinese Social Media Landscape in 2019

China is one of the world’s largest market for social media with its 800 million online users, stretching their internet landscapes to enormous heights. China has been able to introduce various sites such as “TikTok” and more.

If you are looking for platforms for business in 2019, read on.

  1. WeChat: founded by Tencent, this application engages over 1.06 billion users every month. It contains diverse features form games to financial services which can compete with Facebook, Amazon and even Whatsapp and provide you with effective customer engagement. The application even offers discounts and making its way into eCommerce. With the number of users and its increasing global recognition, WeChat is bound to grow.
  2. Tencent QQ: the messaging application has over 803.2 million users and even offers other services such as entertainment and blogging. Its marketing strategies include advertisements and links to be published and even paying Tencent to create publishing content. Potentially a great global platform.
  3. Douyin (TikTok): this has already taken the world by a storm with 500 million users. This creates catchy and trending lip-syncing videos which are then shared on profiles of the users for the public to view and appreciate the creativity. If your business concerns a younger audience, this is the way to go.
  4. Meitu: it has over 455 million users who edit their photos and upload them monthly despite how it promotes unmatchable beauty standards. However, since the applications announce of focusing on the social features after the criticism, amount of users have increased. Brands focusing on cosmetics and beauty products need to consider Meitu.
  5. Sina Weibo: it has 446 million bloggers users who post GIFs, visual content making it a source of trending content. It has, however, seen a downfall in users recently, brands actively use the site for promotional purposes and feature celebrities as well. The app is a source of consumer reviews for your brands.
  6. Meituan-Dianping: this has 382.3 million users who just like food panda, review a restaurant and utilize its additional offers of Uber Eats to even order food. This has risen to be one of the most used local food, gyms, hotels, and bars reviews before actually visiting the places.
  7. Douban: a site of over 300 million community members who share entertainment content such as movies and books. It is a combination of IMDB, Goodreads, Spotify etc. this is an important app to consider when your brand is based upon consumer reviews.
  8. Zhihu: currently has over 160 million dedicated users and is a question and answer platform. It even allows the users to pay the people who answer questions asked, making it more interesting. It even supports the feature of advertisements for your brands to find potential customers.
  9. Xiaohongshu: this has multiple functions serving over 100 million users. This mainly focuses on uploading content of any sort, getting involved in discussions and even reviewing products. Mainly designed for women, who require in-depth information and reviews of specific products, this as well features the eCommerce option.

A great many platforms to look forward to in 2019 for your efficient business schemes in China’s internet landscape.

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